Pinterest launches ‘food recognition’ feature

  • It feels like the future is upon us as Pinterest creates their real-time ‘dish recognition’ feature which sees users point their smartphone at a plate of food and the site will recommend recipes which uses the same or similar ingredients
  • Bizarrely, the feature looks *very similar* to a fake Shazam for food-type app which featured in the HBO comedy, Silicon Valley, but a Pinterest spokesperson has denied any link. However, we can imagine that it rushed along Pinterest to announce their product before someone else beat them to it
  • According to the site, food and drink is the most searched for and tried category, so Pinterest is planning to match up the feature with advertising based on image similarities to ensure users buy your products instead of a rival’s


In other social media news…

James Cordon set to launch his own Snapchat show

  • As the way that people watch content is rapidly changing, the social networking site has commissioned CBS to create a programme for its Discover section about the Carpool Karaoke presenter looking for a fictional replacement for his Late Late Show
  • The TV station has been keen to point out that it does not mean that the former Gavin and Stacey star will be leaving our TV screens anytime soon
  • It’s quite the transition for the social media channel which has created a niche out of self-generated visual content. By the end of the year, three Snapchat Shows will air on the social network including a science special for Sharkweek from Discovery, and a collaboration with NBC to develop the app’s first daily news show


Facebook builds Centre for Marketing Science Innovation

  • The social network has created an entire centre based on neuroscience research to help advertisers, publishers, brands and tech companies to better understand what kind of content engages people across different devices and platforms
  • ‘We know how much time people are spending on the platform, so this is really about how that time is spent and what features on our product they’re looking at’, said Daniel Slotwiner, the social network’s director of advertising research
  • Daniel added that the research the centre gathers will be made available to the public, which will be incredibly helpful for marketing teams who can only dream of having the budget to fund such intelligence


And finally…

Flying cars could actually exist in three years’ time if journey-sharing app, Uber, gets its way, which says that electric vehicles will take off and land vertically like a helicopter, with zero emissions and minimal noise. Given the current appearance, it’s not quite the futuristic, flashy machine we were expecting to rock while wearing sunnies

 Flying car still Credit  BBC Click

Picture credits: BBC Click and SF Gate