New guidelines on #Ads

  • This week it has been widely reported that the US Federal Trade Commission has sent letters to more than 90 celebs telling them that they need to make it more obvious which posts are adverts
  • No fines are being slapped on Kim Kardashian and her family just yet. It was more of a friendly advisory notice that at some point in the future the A-list stars across the pond will no longer be able to simply use #sp at the end of the post on Instagram
  • We are still waiting to hear what the exact guidelines in the UK are, but we have heard that a complaint was upheld by the Advertising Standards Agency after a woman promoted a diet tea product without pointing out in her post that it was an advert


In other social media news…

Snapchat has launched new ‘World Lenses’ for the rear-facing camera

  • Following the success of the selfie Lenses which allow you to put a comedy dog face on your family members, a rainbow around your head or a glitter beard, they have now made ones for people stood right in front of you
  • It means that you will be able to ‘paint the world with new 3D experiences’ such OMG captions, a ‘smiling rainbow’ and lots of other fun stuff which you will want to test out
  • It’s a way of Snapchat trying to keep people coming back to the app after reports that people now use Instagram Stories rather than Snapchat for sharing their day with their friends

YouTube blogger Zoella has been encouraging people to vote

And in other news…

  • Last weekend April the giraffe welcomed her new baby boy following weeks of the pregnancy being followed by millions on social media. In honour of the beautiful, South Carolina-based photographer was ‘Giraffe mum’ released a video of her pacing around the room wearing a giraffe mask and earlier this week, the two finally met for the first time…


Picture credits: FOX 10 Phoenix and GottaBeMobile