James Jerrett

The Dolphin shopping centre’s first independent jewellery store is celebrating 30 years in business.

From humble beginnings, family-run shop J S Jewellers began trading in Poole at what was originally the Arndale Shopping Centre in 1933.

James Jerrett, the man behind the thriving business, fell into the jewellery trade at the age of 16 and worked at the Jewel Box in Winton for eight years before setting up his own repairs workshop, Jewellery Services, in Bournemouth.

It’s from here James decided to grow the business and set up JS Jewellers in Poole, James said: “We are delighted to be marking three decades of success. Thirty years in any retail business, and in the same location, is pretty amazing.”

He says the business has changed in the 30 years the shop has been open, especially with his family joining the company.

“We are a family-run business, my son and daughter both work in the shop and my wife runs the Southbourne store which we opened in 2006.”

The economy forces him to continually consider what he offers and where his market is. Having an independent store and maintaining close ties with his customers gives him an edge on larger chain stores that cannot make quick decisions.

It is that same sense of satisfaction in working with his customers that convinced him to go into retailing three decades ago, and which help him to continue to this day.

James added: “When you have a small business in a small town you have to do a good job. It’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years. When you are busy you lose track of time.”