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Facebook offers tips on filtering out fake news

  • The social network now offers people the chance to flag up a story if they believe that it is entirely made up
  • This has been introduced following a backlash after the last US presidential election, meaning that people can draw it to the attention of the boffins in Facebook HQ to review
  • Advice for users includes checking the date of the article, questioning whether the story has been posted as a joke, and looking closely at the article’s URL


United Airlines viral video scandal

  • The airline hit the global headlines earlier this week following the alleged manhandling of a ticket-holding passenger in a row over over-subscribed seats and cabin crew for a future flight needing to take them
  • Unfortunately for the company, in the day and age of camera phones, plenty of passengers were able to record the incident as it unfolded and swiftly uploaded it to social media in support of the injured party, Dr David Dao
  • Initially the CEO of the airline’s parent company, Oscar Munoz, defended the staff and suggested that Mr Dao was a difficult customer, but he has since said that he is ashamed of the situation and has offered a refund to every passenger on the flight


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