Successful Social Media

  • Facebook have announced they will be starting their own startup incubation hub in one of Paris’ abandoned listed train stations. The organization aims to work with 10 to 15 startups on new projects every six months.
  • COO Sheryl Sandberg announced how thrilled they are to be a part of it, the Facebook ‘garage’ will house 80 desks.
  • As well as including a restaurant, bar, apartments and event spaces, Station F will also be supported by other companies such as Vente Privée and HEC Paris.


In other social media news…

In the land of the free…

  • The infamous Donald Trump is preparing for his inauguration this afternoon and has now reached the milestone of 20 million Twitter followers.
  • He has confirmed that when he’s president he will continue using the handle @realDonaldTrump and not switch to the official @POTUS account which ‘only’ has 13.6 million followers.
  • Trump has commented that he will be doing this because he is ‘covered so dishonestly by the press’, along with bragging that he has 280 characters, as opposed to everyone else’s 140. Of course, this isn’t the case, but he may be referring to upcoming changes to the platform that were announced in 2016.

Instagram launches live stories

  • Next in the queue for delivering live video to users is Instagram. The platform will be incorporating live streams amongst the Instagram Stories section of the app.
  • Anyone who’s ‘gone live’ on Facebook will find it quite familiar, Instagram has mirrored functionality from the parent company.
  • Users can also browse the most popular live stories on the Explore page of the app under a ‘Top Live’ feature.

And in other news…

  • Not only is it #penguinawarnessday but it’s also #nationalcheeseloversday. Ever wondered how you can enjoy the two together? With cream cheese penguin canapes!

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