Successful Social Media

  • Estée Lauder have launched a Facebook Messenger campaign to ease the stress of Christmas shopping for London residents, offering 60-minute deliveries.
  • “For the time-poor consumer, convenience is the new luxury” – placing orders through Facebook Messenger and live chat will allow customers to receive their goodies within the hour.
  • A pop-up shop is also launching this month on Mortimer Street in London, close to the company’s headquarters.

In other social media news…

Instagram panics snoopers

  • We’re all guilty sometimes of taking a screenshot from social media and sending it on to someone, so many users were worried with the latest Instagram update that shows when someone has taken a screenshot.
  • Cue mass panic online as users made assumptions about the feature, instead of reading the fine print. This alert will only pop up on images that are screenshot through their ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature (sound familiar Snapchat fans?).
  • Many users are criticising the platform for continuing to copy features from Snapchat (such as the addition earlier this year of ‘Stories’), hopefully the new year will bring a bit more innovation to the brand.

Facebook continues to crush your productivity

  • In their continued efforts to monopolise every app on your phone, Facebook have added new games to their Messenger platform. Earlier in the year we all got very excited about the ability to play basketball, but now retro classics are in on the act.
  • ‘Instant Games’ are available below the app’s tying bar and favourites such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders are ready to play.
  • You can play against one friend, or within a group, but scores will only be visible within the message. For those competitive types, such as myself, league tables are available to keep track of who’s doing best.

And in other news…