Pupils from Hampshire Collegiate Prep School celebrated the end of term in style with their very own Olympic Games spectacle.

The week-long extravaganza, which kicked off with an Olympic-themed Sport’s Day, saw pupils building their own Olympic villages, creating sports themed board games and sculptures from rolled newspaper and art straws, and finishing off the week with a profusion of home-made relay torches.

During the week, one Prep classroom in particular was turned into a display room exhibiting homework projects submitted by children who had researched individual athletes.

Deputy Head of the Prep School, Mr Giles King, said: “The children had a wonderful week and were really inspired by the different things they found out and the chance to participate in various activities. The Olympics coming to the UK is a great opportunity and, through all this work, the children at Hampshire Collegiate Prep School will have had an amazing experience of being a part of it.”