The country’s fate is sealed – well, that’s if Weymouth SEA LIFE residents Smartie and Luna get their way.

Park favourites Smartie and Luna have been feeling the election fever with Jeremy Corbyn getting their seal of approval!

Over the last few weeks, they have been hearing about the various political campaigns and their manifishtos as well as presented with pictures of the main party leaders and previous contenders during their daily enrichment sessions. Smartie and Luna definitely had a favourite, choosing to wriggle on over to Corbyn and show that they seal-iously support him. The pair proved their loyalty to the Labour leader by choosing him every time, even when narrowed down to both Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May.

Aquarist Jo Mullen from Weymouth SEA LIFE presented the images to the group of five resident Common Harbour Seals which also include Web, Starburst and Sija, and spoke about what policies the seals would be rooting for:

“Luna is Danish and had to be taken into captivity due to cataracts on her eyes causing repeating beaching, so she would definitely be favouring the NHS, plus free mackerel for all! Smartie would definitely be for sustainable fishing and has previously favoured the Green Party; however Jeremy’s charm seems to have won her over.”

Will the election be decided by a whisker on Thursday or will Smartie and Luna need to flipper for it? Fur expert advice, we can’t wait to find out!

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