The Safe Schools and Communities Team is set to give an e-safety workshop to pupils, staff and parents at Buckholme Towers School and Nursery in Lower Parkstone on Thursday February 6.

The team will teach children aged four to 11 about how to use the internet safely and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Each workshop will be tailored according to the pupils’ ages and ability.

Iain Robertson, headmaster at Buckholme Towers School and Nursery, said: “We embrace technology and actively teach our students how to incorporate communication devices into their lifestyles. From the age of three when children join us in nursery, iPads, laptops and interactive whiteboards become part of their daily experience.

“Pupils learn at an early age about the possible dangers and pitfalls associated with using the internet, we cannot give them 100 per cent protection, but we can equip them with the skills and understanding to deal with inappropriate material or behaviour. They are also taught how to set up a username and password on their school computer and why it is important to keep their personal details a secret.”

Alex Meade, co-ordinator of the Safe Schools and Communities Team, added: “We will be delivering internet safety education to the children to make them aware of the risks associated with the internet and keeping themselves safe online.

“The SSCT offer a range of internet safety education and training packages to all professionals supporting children and young people across Dorset, including schools and other educational establishments. These packages help to raise awareness of the risks associated with the internet including online grooming, cyber-crime, sexting and child sexual exploitation.”

The Safe Schools and Communities Team is a partnership between Dorset Police, the Youth Offending Services and the local authorities.

Buckholme has a fully equipped Information and Communication Technology Suite and pupils learn the skills required by the national curriculum, including word processing, creating Powerpoint presentations and setting up and sending emails. Pupils use technology to assist with their learning by accessing educational apps, recommended websites for research, programmes for film making as well as software for art and design.