Budding young entrepreneurs will be taking over the Dolphin shopping centre, Poole, this weekend (Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May) as they tackle the nationwide competition, The Tenner Challenge.

As part of the Young Enterprise contest, students from Parkstone Grammar School will be setting up their own business stands outside M&S.

Members of ‘Fudgalicious’ and ‘Sweet Surprise’ have each been given a £10 loan which needs to turn a profit by using the money to launch their own business while trying to make a difference and give back to society.

Centre manager, John Grinnell, said: “We are delighted we can help support students involved with the Young Enterprise, which nurtures and inspires young people to be successful in their future careers.

“It should be a great weekend at the Dolphin and I hope lots of shoppers come along and support them. I will definitely be buying some fudge and sweets!”

The aim of the Young Enterprise is to encourage entrepreneurial behaviour in young people across the UK. The students are tasked with making and selling real products to real people to experience the challenges of running a small business.




The Tenner Challenge is for young people who want to get a taste of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. It gives them a chance to think of a new business idea and make it happen, using real money to take risks in the business field, make a profit – and make a difference. Tenner is a national competition and schools from all over the country can get involved.

How it works –

Students are given £10 from the Tenner Bank on May 1. They use this start-up capital to get their business off the ground, working alone or in a group. They have the whole month to make as much profit as they can from their tenner while also trying to make a difference and give back to society. There are online resources to help teachers and students, including a logbook for students to help them keep track of how they are getting on.