L-R Tom Ross managing director at ForeComms and Matthew Spencer security supervisor and a member of the security team at the Dolphin Shopping Centre

Communication for shopping centres and retailers is vital for providing a safe, secure and pleasant environment in which both customers and staff can shop and work. With this in mind, Dorset’s largest indoor shopping facility, the Dolphin Centre has appointed ForeComms, part of the Southampton-based communications specialist group ForeSolutions, to provide a radio system to enable management and retailers to communicate throughout the 680,000 square feet site.

The radio system will not only create a permanent link between the retailers and the centre’s security team, but also assist with the speed in responding to a customer issue, whether it’s a shopper enquiry, attending to an incident or to offer first aid. A number of stores have already signed up to the new scheme including Primark, WH Smith’s, Boots, Accessorize and Wilkinsons to name a few.

Matthew Spencer, security supervisor and a member of the security team at the Dolphin Shopping Centre, said: “Being able to communicate fast and effectively is a top priority for the security team here at the Dolphin Shopping Centre as it ensures the safety of all our shoppers. We work very closely with the retailers and this new radio link will be effective in improving the centre’s customer service and act as a deterrent which in turn will help to reduce incidents.”

As well as a providing its retailers with a direct radio link, the Dolphin’s security team will also hold monthly meetings with the retailers to assist with any additional training and safety measures.

Tom Ross, managing director at ForeComms, adds: “Two-way shop radios play a vital part in the communications mix as it allows retailers, security, maintenance and centre management staff to stay in touch over a wide area.  Being able to communicate fast and effectively is a must for onsite shopping centre staff. We are supplying Motorola DP2600 digital radios to retailers in the centre as well as the management team.

“Digital two-way radios are perfect for modern shopping centres and our radios will enable the Dolphin Centre team to make sure the centre is manned effectively so to give visitors the best possible shopping environment.”