John Grinnell, Centre Manager of the Dolphin Centre, Poole, has gone back to the shop floor by spending a day working in the Animal store.

This new initiative, devised by John, will see his management team spend the day in a number of Dolphin Centre stores. The aim is for them to learn the day-to-day store tasks required to manage a successful business and to create a better understanding of the needs of frontline.

John said: “I feel it is important that the management team at the Dolphin Shopping Centre experience what it’s like to work on the shop floor. The best way to do that is to put themselves in the staff’s shoes.

In order to learn about retail from the grass roots level, they will be getting involved in re-stocking, merchandising, sales targets and customer service.

“It was great fun to work with the team in Animal interacting with customers but most importantly it was a reminder of all the hard work and dedication which goes into efficiently running the shops in the centre.”

Amalie Eames, store manager of Animal, said: “We felt privileged that John chose to spend the day working with us. It was a great experience as not only did we get the chance to show him, first hand, what our work involves on a day-to-day basis but we also got a fantastic insight as to what his role is within the centre.”

In the next few weeks the Dolphin Centre management team will complete the following; Lisa King, Centre Administrator, will spend the day in the newest edition to the Dolphin Centre, Weird Fish; Richard Randall-Jones, Operations Manager, will spend the day in Blacks and Terry Wharton, Assistant Operations Manager, will be working in Beales department store.