Weymouth Sea Life aquarium will be taking visitors on a mind-blowing voyage of discovery this half-term in a brand new ‘Stars of the Sea’ experience from Saturday February 10 until Sunday February 18.

Youngsters and their families will be invited to dive deeper below the surface than ever before and come face to face with the superstars of the sea. Guests will meet the ocean’s most cunning magician and mistress of disguise – the common octopus – to find out how she bends the laws of nature to make herself disappear, while children can take part in an interactive puzzle trail to find out the secrets of Sea Life’s most fascinating creatures.

Discover who is Sea Life’s most intrepid traveller, which ocean resident keeps the tidiest home, who makes the perfect partner in crime, who could give an Olympic swimmer a run for their money and who has fins sharper than a surgeon’s razor.

Children can also take part in Sea Life’s new giant sea discoveries game, navigating through a life-size version of ‘Stars and Ladders’ to solve puzzles with fishy clues to jump ahead and foil their foes to win a ‘Stars of the Sea’ certificate.

There’s also plenty on offer for older kids, couples and adults, exploring extraordinary sunken cities, mysterious shipwrecks guarded by majestic shoals of sharks and mystical underwater caves brimming with weird but wonderful creatures.

For light relief, guests are advised not to miss the aquarium’s colony of comical penguins as they waddle about their business on Penguin Island, as well as dropping in to see Sea Life’s family of resident otters, whose cheeky antics can provide endless entertainment – but be warned, things can get a little out of hand at mealtimes. . .    

Weymouth Sea Life aquarium’s all-new ‘Stars of the Sea’ experience takes place from Saturday February 10 until Sunday February 18 and is included in the normal admission price.

Pre-booking is strongly advised and multiple savings can be found at www.sealifeweymouth.com