One of our key goals for Digipigz is that it services clients and The Litter equally. In order to achieve this, one of the things we are keen to do, is host exclusive workshops for our incredible young people.

After our official launch back in July, where they met a sample of our Litter, Joe & Ellen from Inspire Professional Services met with us to discuss how they could give back. They wanted to do something that would benefit the talented individuals they met that evening.

We agreed that often, “real life” finance skills are missed from education curriculum and key skills for the future aren’t taught in standard schools, colleges or universities. Given their profession, these guys are in a great position to fill those blanks and inform our Digipigz on a variety of finance related topics.

Last week, the first session took place where a healthy handful of Digipigz, students, self-employed and employed, met at the Inspire offices to discuss through a list of requested topics including; personal finance, mortgages and credit scores.

Dan Randall described the session as a “mind opener” to financial topics he may not have understood in detail before.

Covering a series of FAQ’s as well as sparking wider discussion on the topics, our Litter members were able to update their knowledge on some really crucial areas in a fun and welcoming environment.

Sophie Rischmiller of Emporia Creative said: “I learned so many things that I may not even have thought of if they were not explained to me. I really look forward to any more sessions you guys put on, very informative and extremely entertaining!”

James Inge, who’s hoping to grow his photography business after Uni, said “I learnt so much and gave me a lot of food for thought.”

A huge thanks goes out to Joe Hayes and Ellen Benjamin from Inspire Professional Services for facilitating this free session. It was a great success, super informative and totally reflected the fun and laid back nature of Digipigz. Looking forward to the next one!


(We always love hearing from different people in different professions who want to give back to the upcoming and thriving generation. Oink @ us to discuss more!)