Several members of the LLPR team attended Monday night’s CIPR event in Southampton. Alex Singleton is a PR practitioner and a former Telegraph journalist and writer. 

Why is conventional media more important than ever in a social media age? This was the topic covered in Alex Singleton’s Masterclass.

Mainstream media isn’t dying, it’s just changing. The demand for online content is higher than ever before which puts increasing pressure on journalists. This in turn means that PR practitioners are valued more highly and the process is more of a collaborative one, as opposed to a time when “it used to be a sport among journalists to piss off PRs” (Mark Borkowski).

“Social media isn’t a threat or a parasite but a gigantic free marketing engine” says Martin Clarke, Publisher at MailOnline. Alex used this quote to demonstrate that social media and conventional media go hand in hand and feed off each other in a symbiotic relationship.

The class affirmed what we already knew – developing a relationship with the journalist is the most important part of a PR role. And fortunately this is something we’re really proud of here at Liz Lean PR – we nurture our journalist relationships, finding out what makes them tick, identifying the best angle that will work for each journalist and interacting with them on social media.

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