A temporary gallery, ABrief Space, is to be erected by a group of fine art students from the Arts University College at Bournemouth (AUCB), in the Dolphin Shopping Centre, Poole, and will be open to the public from September 13 until 15 at 10am until 4pm daily.

The first exhibition to take place is ‘Observations’ which explores the architecture of the Dolphin Shopping Centre and its surrounding area. It is the first time the centre has partnered with the AUCB to produce a dedicated in-centre art space.

John Grinnell, centre manager, says: “We like to keep shoppers entertained with various events throughout the year and felt that the partnership with the AUCB would both support local artists and offer our visitors the chance to explore contemporary art in an unusual setting.”

Fiona Strimer, curator of ‘Observations’ said: “We are really excited about presenting our exhibition at the Dolphin Shopping Centre in Poole, we think it will appeal to the shoppers because of the local theme. The exhibition emphasises the beauty of observing, which allows us to engage with ourselves and other people.”