Bournemouth-based Connaught Windows is a family business that’s endured 20 years in the fabricating industry this month. This long-standing company is led by joint managing directors and husband and wife team, Steve and Linda Witzcak, who also have a personal reason to celebrate, having collectively lost 16 stone between them.

Proving that Connaught Windows is fit for business in more ways than one, the couple lost the weight slowly and sensibly, applying the same careful attitude that they’ve taken to looking after their company over the years. Steve Witczak has now swapped his car for a top of the range push bike and regularly cycles 20 miles from his Ringwood home to Connaught Windows’ warehouse in Wallisdown.

Steve said: “While the last few years have been challenging both professionally and privately, I decided to take the positive outlook I’ve always had about business and apply it to my health – and it’s paid off. Now the future looks as bright for me as it does for Connaught Windows. And with plans for a 660-mile bike ride from the UK to Spain in the pipeline later this year, I can’t wait to put my endurance to the test in the saddle!”

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