Throughout February and March, students from Poole High School will be taking to stalls in the Dolphin Shopping Centre, as part of the Tenner Challenge, a Young Enterprise initiative.

The teams – ‘Cute as a Button’ will begin selling a variety of goods in the centre on Saturday February 27 and Saturday March 12, as well as ‘Sew Sparkly’ on Saturday March 5. The Tenner Challenge develops key skills including creativity and problem solving, as well as taking calculated risks in business.

Each team is issued with £10 with which they are asked to grow a business in a month; coming up with a product or service which they are able to sell. Teams are also required to use their funds to create a social impact. Any profits made are kept by the group, who can either put this back into the business or withdraw funds. At the end of the task, £10 is paid back to the ‘Tenner bank’ together with a £1 legacy donation to the fund.

John Grinnell, centre manager, said: “There are many valuable skills developed in business, from negotiation to finance, and students will no doubt be able to learn a lot through the Young Enterprise scheme. We are so pleased to be able to welcome a new generation of students who are looking to take advantage of what business has to offer, both in terms of skills and competition. Starting out with just £10 is no easy feat, and we wish both teams the very best of luck in their sales.”

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