Breeze Volkswagen offer winter peace of mind to drivers…

With UK weather forecasts stating that a North Pole blast will send temperatures plummeting next week, with frosts and snow, Tower Park-based Breeze Volkswagen is offering motorists advice to ensure engines hum and vehicle performance is high when temperatures drop.

To assist motorists to shift into gear for winter driving, Breeze Volkswagen is providing a comprehensive winter health check service to ensure that a vehicle is functioning correctly.

Winter conditions place greater demands on a car and any minor problems could become more obvious and cause difficulties as the weather gets colder.  In cold conditions it takes extra power to start an engine and the increased use of heaters and demisters could affect the car battery.  It is important that people forward plan now to ensure that winter breakdowns are a rare occurrence.

Until February 29, Breeze Volkswagen is offering a winter health check for £20 and this covers a visual check of the vehicle including tyres and lights, a fluid top-up as well as a wash and vacuum.  Customers will also receive a winter car care kit.

Amanda Taylor, head of the service department, says: “Forward planning and preventative maintenance will help to maximise the reliability of a vehicle.  Our professional staff are fully trained in all aspects of servicing and maintenance to ensure a car continues to provide mile after mile of trouble-free driving.  Aside from scheduling a professional health check, motorists should spend a few minutes checking key items on the car such as tyres for condition and correct pressure, oil and water levels and that the wiper blades and lights are delivering optimum visibility.”

Winter health check customers will also receive a 15 per cent discount on a selection of winter accessories and merchandise. For further information on the winter health check please contact Breeze Volkswagen on 01202 713000.