Claire, our Agency Director, attended Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Brexit Business Conference at the Hallmark Hotel Bournemouth Carlton, as well as the DCCI’s Bank of England Briefing.

Here’s what she took away from the events:

What an interesting and exciting week, entering the final month of Brexit negotiations, (assuming article 50 isn’t extended!). Great food for thought from the DCCI events this week, around the future for the economy and impact of Brexit.  At last we can focus on the transition phase as its within reach (even allowing for a short extension), so it’s great to see the palpable renewed energy and enthusiasm is for change across our region.

It’s time to finalise preparation for exiting the EU but not lose sight of major factors affecting the world economy, notably Trump and China of course. The current UK economy is relatively stable and although productivity is rather stagnant we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and feel the momentum building. Whatever the outcome, we must embrace the changes, accept the realism of a bumpy road ahead but remain focussed on the fact that we will weather the storm and soon be out the other side embracing the new opportunities that this change will bring.