During the February half term, local children and families were tasked with transforming an open space at the Dolphin Shopping Centre into an Eco Garden, complete with environmentally-friendly planters and redecorated tyres.

In its pledge towards sustainability, the Dolphin Centre hosted a free arts and craft event whereby children could create and design their own products and convert a range of objects into green-inspired goods.

Hundreds of families descended upon the shop unit, where they worked on bringing new life to pallets and plastic bottles, amongst a host of other items.

Centre manager John Grinnell said: “The Eco Garden has fulfilled its purpose as a fun, activity-based event, in which children can learn how to convert everyday items into something useful and practical. The success of the event saw a host of children head home with not only a free product, which they have designed themselves, but also a belief that we can and should reuse things in order to help protect the environment.

“As an important part of the community of Poole, we feel it’s necessary to join in with helping instil green values within both the Dolphin Shopping Centre and the wider community. Equally as important has been the enjoyment we have seen children experience in being an integral part of building the Eco Garden.”