Mysterious mountain Gorillas on episode 5 of Vet Adventures

Today sadly sees the final episode of Vet Adventures with Dorset vet Luke Gamble in Uganda with some of world’s most endangered animals.

We think its a really wonderful moment as he tracks down white rhinos that have been released back into the wild after a 25-year absence. As usual the programme is packed full of adventure as Luke follows the rehabilitation of two young, cheeky chimps and heads deep into the heart of the forest to find one of the world’s most mystifying creatures, the magnificent mountain gorilla.

Luke with the gorillas being filmed for episode 5 of Vet Adventures

This exciting five-part series on Sky1 HD and Sky1 has followed Luke across the world as he encounters and treats a huge variety of animals in desperate need of help, pushing him professionally, and at times, emotionally to his limit.

Luke explained to us: “This series has been life-changing for me. We have managed to help so many animals in need and I will never forget the incredible people we met on our journey who devote their lives to caring for them.

“I run a small country practice in Dorset, but through these programmes and the work of my charity, the Worldwide Veterinary Service, my goal is to treat as many animals as possible and help the people that depend on them. WVS is in action all over the world and this series has highlighted just a few of the incredible charities that we support. Combining my passion for being a vet with the adventure that WVS trips offer, I’m able to really help the animals that would normally go untreated.”

The last episode it on Sky1 at 8pm, we’ll be watching so make sure you are too!