Following its national charity week campaign, the Dolphin shopping centre’s dedicated fashion accessories retailer, Accessorize raised more than £300.

Half of the money will be donated to Forest Holme Hospice and the rest of the proceeds will go to the Monsoon Accessorize Trust, which helps disadvantaged women and children in Asia.

The money was collected through a charity raffle and by selling off old window display items.

Hayley Darmody, store manager of the Poole store, said: “Being a key retailer in the centre of the community, it’s important that we share our support for a local charity.  Forest Holme Hospice is close to the hearts of many people in Poole and we are pleased we can donate the money raised from our national charity week. It’s amazing how many shoppers we have into the store who want to buy our old window display items.”

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