Successful Social Media

  • Center Parcs has revealed its biggest campaign to date on Facebook, before going live on TV (very clever – just in time for Christmas!)
  • Center Parcs has recognised that a new marketing strategy incorporating more digital, is crucial to its target demographic, and that TV is not as important to them anymore.
  • Center Parcs has increased its spend in paid social by more than 100% in 2016 compared to the previous year.


In other social media news…

Tweet while you vomit!

  • The Food Standards Agency has enlisted Twitter to track the spread of norovirus – lab results take days… whereas tweets are instant!
  • The FSA is busy developing an online epidemiology toolkit and believes the new system will predict an increase in norovirus, due to the amount of people who tweet about being ill.

Snapchat introduces Group Chats

  • In its latest update, Snapchat has introduced new features, including integration with Shazam and a new Group Chat feature.
  • Users can now chat with up to 16 friends, and can be started when a new Chat is started or when sending a Snap. Group Chat messages will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.
  • The integration with Shazam will allow users to identify a song by holding down the Snapchat camera screen when music is playing near to the home. As the song is recognised, it will appear in the ‘Settings’ menu, so that users will be able to send Snaps to their friends of their new music discoveries.

Ed is back!

  • Ed Sheeran returned to social media this week, exactly a year after quitting to work on his third album.
  • He said last year that he was “fed up with seeing the world through a screen, and not my eyes.”
  • Ed announced his return this week by posting a blank blue square on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This has sent fans into a bit of a frenzy trying to work out what the blank blue square could possibly mean!


Image from Center Parcs website