It’s British Food Fortnight (September 21 – October 6), when we’re all encouraged to buy and eat local produce.

According to Paul Reed, head chef of Penn Hill’s newest coffee shop, bar and restaurant, Jenkins & Sons, there has been a resurgence in traditional British recipes and the way that we cook.

“Nowadays simple British cooking is very much the norm and what people want.

“It’s all about cooking simply, using the finest and freshest ingredients available to produce dishes with unadulterated flavours.”

Jenkins & Sons is so dedicated to ensuring that only the best ingredients go into their food, the team grow their own seasonal produce at their ‘Urban farm’ based in Sopley, New Forest.

Paul adds: “The food is 30 minutes from farm to chef – you can’t get much fresher than that!”

The owner of Jenkins & Sons, Mark Cribb is the man behind the award-winning Urban Beach, Urban Reef and Urban Renaissance and he has made it his mission to buy from people not companies.

Mark says: “We source from people not companies because we like to have a relationship with our suppliers. We do it because we love food and we are passionate about giving the very best to our customers.”

The distinctive 1920’s fishmongers and butchers, which has become well-known for its unique dining experience, holds a great respect for good artisan food and drink. The finest fish and meat is cooked over real coals in a Josper Oven, all served with the best British craft beers.

The menu features dishes with a particularly British flavour, such as Dorset pork marinated in rosemary, garlic and sweet chilli, hot and sticky Josper chicken, west country sirloin steak served with egg and fat chips and craft beer battered fish filet.

Jenkins & Sons is open daily from 9.00am to 11.00pm. For further information visit: or call 01202 746604.