This month is your chance to see the first feature film produced in Bournemouth, with a screening on August 15 at Harbour Lights Picturehouse, Southampton, including a Q&A with the director afterwards. K-SHOP (rated 18) hopes to shock and horrify its audience – a claim it certainly delivers.

With a dash of dark humour, Dan Pringle’s directorial debut takes student Salah Sabir (Ziad Abaza, Spectre) and leaves him in charge of his father’s kebab shop after an unfortunate accident with a group of stereotypical lads, results in an untimely death. Devastated by his father’s death, Salah does what he can to involve the authorities. But with a lack of CCTV in the area and no emotional closure, this doesn’t sit well with him and it leads to a series of disturbing circumstances.

Highlighting the worst behaviour that the culture of UK binge drinking has to offer, K-SHOP will make you squirm as you witness the cringe-worthy clichés of a drunken night on the town. Pseudo-celebrity Harry Brown (Scot Williams, Redirected) delivers a solid performance as ringmaster of the public’s urges to be entertained and let their collective hair down each weekend.

Adam Merrifield, producer and managing director of Lightside Productions, is thrilled with the reception that the film has had so far, saying “People are talking about the messages in the movie; it’s great to have produced a film which gets people thinking and it has been really well received so far.”

The film has earned a host of rave reviews so far, with a journalist from The Daily Telegraph spending a night in a kebab shop to experience the madness for himself.

“There is a real buzz around the movie now, it’s fantastic to read people’s comments and hear how much they enjoy watching the movie,” said Dan, writer and director.

Dates and times of screenings nationwide can be found at If you can’t make it to the big screen, the DVD is available now through Amazon or video on demand services such as Google Play and iTunes.