A group of final year students from Bournemouth University have met with the Dolphin Shopping Centre to present ideas on how they believe Poole can be rejuvenated to become a more desirable shopping destination.

Following a brief set by Poole’s economic development manager, Adrian Trevett, and Bournemouth University lecturer, David Kilburn, the Retail Management students presented their ideas to the centre manager of the Dolphin Shopping Centre and the current owners of the shopping centre, Legal and General Property (L&G), including L&G’s senior asset manager, Mark Harvey.

The group presented three concepts; a restaurant parade located in the Falkland Square walkway, a shipping container market situated on Poole Quay and an omni-channel retailing platform. The omni-channel retailing concept was designed to bring all retailers at both ends of the high street together on one multi-channel platform. The service would provide a ‘click and collect’ hub and a home delivery service, where orders could be placed online by phone or at ‘interactive hubs’ proposed by the students.

Adrian Trevett said: “We provided the students with a brief which asked them to research and present their future regeneration ideas for Poole and to consider both an online and offline strategy. Moving forward, I am keen to try and push some of their ideas and I particularly liked the logo and slogan the students created for the project.”

John Grinnell, centre manager of the Dolphin shopping centre, added: “It was fantastic to see the students’ enthusiasm for the project, some of the ideas they put forward were really well thought out and very creative. They had a great understanding of the Poole community and had carried out extensive research for their project.”

As well as presenting their three desired concepts for Poole, the students also suggested a biophilic theme for the town using natural materials and incorporating Poole’s close proximity to the water.

The students all believed the final year project to be a worthwhile experience, commenting on the group’s presentation was Bournemouth University student, Nicola Beattie: “Everyone seemed to be impressed with our suggestions and we had fantastic feedback.”