Drewsons Plumbing and Heating is offering Dorset businesses and householders some helpful tips on how to stay warm in readiness for the clocks changing this month.

British Summer Time ends at 2am on Sunday, October 27 which means you should put your clocks and watches back one hour to 1am.

Gaining an additional hour’s sleep is good news for most, however, it also means the majority of people will be turning on their heating for the first time following the long warm summer months. As we go into winter the sun rises later in the morning and it gets darker earlier.

Richard Drewitt, managing director at The Drewitt Group which incorporates Drewsons, said: “Winter’s coming, the nights are drawing in and it is getting noticeably colder. The clocks going back usually triggers businesses and householders to switch on their boiler for the first time in nearly six months.”

“Unfortunately for some, as their heating hasn’t been used for a while they can often find problems with their system which can prove costly in the long run.”

To ensure you can efficiently keep your home warm this winter Drewsons Plumbing and Heating offers some useful tips:

  • Have your boiler serviced annually to prevent possible breakdowns, charges from £50 excluding parts & VAT
  • If your boiler is more than 15 years old you should consider getting a high efficiency condensing boiler which is up to 20 per cent more efficient compared to a conventional boiler.
  • Check your radiators are free of air, that there is plenty of water in the system and that the system pressure is at the correct level
  • Choose a Gas Safe registered installer, such as Drewsons Plumbing & Heating Services, as they are fully trained and approved to be working on these appliances
  • To help cut your energy bills, you can reduce your thermostat to between 18 and 20 degrees or install control upgrades to improve efficiency such as thermostatic radiator valves or programmable roomstats.

If you have any doubts about topping up the water in your boiler or if you suspect it to be leaking, make sure you call in a Gas Safe registered engineer who will come to your business or home and check it for you.

For more information please visit www.drewittgroup.co.uk