Successful Social Media

  • In case you missed it – Beyonce announced on Instagram that she is expecting twins, beating Selena Gomez to the title of ‘Most Liked Post Ever’ on the platform.
  • Despite being announced on Instagram, Twitter recorded half a million tweets in the first 45 minutes, spiking at 17,000 tweets per minute.
  • The internet responded in ways that only the internet can with endless streams of memes, photoshop goofs, and political statements.


In other social media news…

A time of reflection for China

  • In celebrating Chinese New Year it is common for people to return to their parent’s homes to celebrate the holiday and this year there has been a huge trend on social media platform Weibo for reflecting on how everyone lives their day to day lives.
  • Using the hashtag #BeforeVsAfterComingHome users shared pictures of how they would usually look compared to what their life is like with their parents – for example one girl posted one picture all dressed up to go out and another wrapped up warm carrying a basket of logs into the home.
  • Celebrities have also been involved and many praised the simple lives that they had returned to for the holiday.

The launch of Lego Life

  • Lego have launched a social media platform for children called Lego Life – allowing those aged 13 and under to come together and share their passion for creativity.
  • Kids will be able to take part in building challenges, and chat with both the characters and other kids online.
  • Lego has taken many precautions to make sure that the platform is safe for children, including strict comment restrictions and heavy moderation.

And in other news…

  • An Australian grandfather went viral this week with the hashtag #IllFishWithRay as thousands pledged to go fishing with the senior citizen after he posted on a classifieds site that he was looking for a companion since his wife passed away.