Following another successful Outlook Bereavement Support event, Tapper Funeral Service has raised £177.90 for Forest Holme Hospice.

The donations were collected from a buffet lunch for widows and widowers at Parkstone Yacht Club.

More than 70 spouses came together at the yacht club’s lounge for the communal event which aims to provide support to those who have lost loved ones.

Steven Tapper, joint managing director at Tapper Funeral Service, said: “Outlook Bereavement Support runs a series of free events which is open to anyone who has lost their spouse in the last two years. The social gatherings aim to create new friendships and help foster local community support.”

The programme, which is the first of its kind, holds free monthly events with a voluntary collection for a specific charity of choice.

For more information on Outlook Bereavement Support and opportunities to attend events, please visit or call 01202 339099.

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