This winter, chimneys could become a thing of the past as Focal Point Fires comes to the rescue of thousands of UK homeowners and renters as they unveil the scandi-inspired new Leirvik and Dalvik ‘Flueless’ gas stoves.

Consumers will no longer need to spend thousands of pounds to install a flue, or have their chimney cleaned to enjoy all the benefits of a cosy fire in their homes. No chimney or flue is required to run a ‘flueless’ gas stove plus each unit is simple, cheap to install and run – the only requirement is access to a gas point and installation by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Both the Leirvik and Dalvik models feature all the benefits of innovative catalytic technology; 100 percent efficiency, reduced running costs and simple installation and a new clean burning ribbon burner. As no chimney is required 100 percent of the heat is distributed into the room, making them not only an extremely reliable source of heat but a very affordable one too.

Inspired by understated Scandinavian design and named after Norwegian towns, the Leirvik and Dalvik styles are the perfect updates for homes this winter, creating warm and inviting focal points for cosy nights in.  The Leirvik also features a beautiful solid cast body and is available in matt black or white finish. A matching door handle and easy to use slide control handle is finished in brushed stainless steel and provides the consumer with full control over the heat output into the room.

Ben Upham, creative design manager at Focal Point Fires, says; “This winter we’re really proud to unveil our new flueless designs. Our main aim at Focal Point Fires is to educate consumers about their choices when it comes to heating homes and help them save money in the long run. Installing a flue costs up to £2,000 – an unnecessary expenditure when there is such a wide range of flueless designs available to suit so many different homes.”

Focal Point Fires plc is the UK’s largest manufacturer of fuel effect fires with both electric and gas fuel effect fires featured in an extensive product range, which includes flueless catalytic gas fires, traditional inset gas and electric fires and electric stoves.

The new Leirvik Gas Stove is available from £794 and can be purchased at B&Q by going to

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