Tapper Funeral Service broadcasts its inaugural television commercial today (Tuesday June 26, between 8pm and 9pm) with the help of Dorset-based marketing agency Summerhouse.
The 20-second commercial, produced by Summerhouse, marks the first time the 100-year-old company has commissioned television advertising.

The six-week campaign will air during ITV1’s new gardening programme ‘Love Your Garden’ with Alan Titchmarsh and promotes the funeral directors’ Harbour View woodland burial ground.
Summerhouse managing director, Jeremy Thorne, said: “Tapper Funeral Service is a well-known, long-standing Dorset-based company and we are thrilled to have produced their first-ever television commercial.”

“When we heard about ITV1’s Love Your Garden we knew the programme would be the perfect environment to promote Harbour View.”

Steven Tapper, joint managing director at Tapper Funeral Service and Harbour View woodland burial ground, said: “For a while we have been contemplating television advertising and when Summerhouse informed us of Love Your Garden we welcomed the opportunity to promote Harbour View because the programme is such a good fit.”

“We’re delighted with the finished commercial. It does exactly what we intended to do – promote the natural beauty of Harbour View.”

Summerhouse began reviewing Tapper’s advertising and marketing literature towards the end of 2010 and since then has designed and produced new promotional material for Harbour View woodland burial ground and branded its ‘Outlook Bereavement Support’ programme.