She’s one of Hampshire’s top GCSE students – not only scoring an astonishing 10.5 A-star grades in every subject; she has also gained an A-star in A-level maths, representing some of the best results in the school’s history.


Megha Bhandari, 16, from Romsey-based Hampshire Collegiate School, sailed through her GCSE exams that her teachers entered her for another paper in A-level maths two years early.
She will now go onto study AS level biology, chemistry, physics, further maths and spanish at the co-educational independent school’s sixth form.


Modest Megha said: “I was very pleased to get the grades I did. The subject I love most is maths, I like problem-solving and working out how to think about things logically.”

She attributes her success to her teachers and her love of the subjects she chose.
Megha, who lives in Bassett, Southampton, also partakes in a selection of hobbies which she says goes hand in hand with her studies: “I play the piano, table tennis, racquet sports and I also enjoy reading and Indian dancing.”


This summer, as well as enjoying a holiday to America, Megha has just completed a self-study maths programme, The Kumon Maths Programme,  which has 58,000 students studying at more than 600 study centres across the UK. The programme helps children develop their skills in mental arithmatic from simple mathematics to more complex maths.


Commenting on the school’s overall GCSE results, Hampshire Collegiate School Principal, Hector MacDonald said: “In all but two criteria these have been the very best results in the history of the school.  The combination of very bright well-motivated students, and generous committed teachers, pushes up our wonderful results year upon year. Students set targets and we are so pleased that in the vast majority of cases outperform.  It is a very purposeful process, with a great bond formed between each student and their teachers and tutor.”