To encourage families to spend quality time together, Wave 105 Cash for Kids recently hosted a Family Day in association with Foresters, the international financial services organisation.

Members of the Cash for Kids and Foresters teams were invited along to Haven Nursery School and Children’s Centre in Gosport to restore parts of its garden and giant sandpit.

The school’s business manager, Phil Bowden, said: “We at Haven were delighted to receive the support from Foresters and Wave 105’s Cash for Kids.  Our giant sandpit is a real favourite with the children, but unfortunately lots of the sand goes home in children’s pockets and shoes, meaning the sandpit was looking a bit empty after a busy year!  Thanks to the efforts of the volunteers who topped it up with eight tonnes of sand, it is now nice and full again.

“Our gardens were also looking a bit tired after a hard year and heavy use by our nursery children.  The volunteers helped to tidy things up and have made the space a fun and exciting place for all the new children who will be joining us in September. Thank you Foresters and Wave 105 from all the children and staff at Haven!”

Volunteers helping out at the Wave 105 Cash for Kids family day