Baking at The Print Room

When we decided to add the personal touch to our client Christmas gifts with some retro home cooking, we knew the best place to go to ensure that our baking was tip top and to prevent us handling our own crisis PR this Christmas…straight to Bournemouth’s award-winning restaurant, The Print Room.

In the wee small hours of the morning, all us PR girlies had a baking workshop with the exquisite pastry chef, Javier Millet– formerly of London’s prestigious Lanesborough Hotel. Beneath the dazzling Swarovski crystal chandeliers and Javier’s expert eye, we cooked up a storm, creating Christmas cookies, shortbreads and gingerbread. Then we went home and baked our own contributions ‘til the early hours – flapjacks, fairy cakes, rocky road cake – everyone suggesting their own choice of baking challenge. The delicious handmade goodies have received a delightfully warm welcome from our broad client base.

In a letter to our clients Liz explained this novel choice for our festive gifts, ‘We wanted our Christmas gift this year to be something which illustrates our personal dedication, spreads some love and good energy which we hope exudes from us every working day. And after some girlie banter in the office of “I bet my brownies are better than yours!” and with a helpful, skilled hand from The Print Room, the plan came together.’

We will return on 5th January ready to pump out your news and we take this opportunity to wish you a successful and peaceful 2009.

With Christmas love and best wishes,

The LLPR Team