Twitter is trying to stop spam ‘Tweetdecking’

  • The social media site has tried to prevent people who run a number of Twitter accounts from scheduling the same spam message across all of them
  • It has also put a stop to automation sites that will like or retweet a post to help it falsely gain in popularity. As a result, it suspended a number of accounts that were seen to be doing this
  • Twitter made the update to the scheduling site, Tweetdeck, to ‘limit the ability of users to perform coordinated actions across multiple accounts’ said Yoel Roth from Twitter


Facebook updates its privacy controls in wake of Cambridge Analytica scandal


Pinterest adds ‘Following’ tab to suggest other pages to look at

  • In a similar style to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter’s recommendations tab, Pinterest has jumped onto the bandwagon in terms of recommending similar pages to users
  • It has added the ‘Following’ tab which makes it easy to see which boards you automatically see updates for and which ones you might like to see


And in other news…


DJ Khaled’s latest collaboration is with…erm…. Weight Watchers and of course they’ve already announced a tour together….

DJ Khaled