100 million people watch an online video. Video is the future. From 20 second promos, to five minute corporates, video is the way people can view your business.

It’s not all about jam-packing a video with cheesy advertorial and pleading pitching. Video is about finding that ‘golden nugget’, core thread, that exists within a company, brand or product. It’s about finding the heart of a company, and bringing it to the fore. Whether that is an MD’s ever-lasting passion for football or one of your staff’s crowning achievements off the pitch, an effective video can have lasting effects upon not just clients, but your own workforce too.

Nobody needs to explain that people buy into brands. This is what creates institutions. A good example; Dualit are a mid to high end appliance manufacturer. A recently created brand video saw the MD, Leslie Gort-Barten, crunch testing toast made with a Dualit toaster, alongside an impassioned telling of the Dualit story. To put it perfectly, the proof was in the toasting.

But ask 100 people whether they’d rather watch a rigidly corporate, brand-laden video, or watch a passionate and fascinating video contemplating what goes into getting the best, most crunchy toast.

We think we know the answer.

Dualit Vision Film from J & E Higham on Vimeo.

Forbes recently asked a group of executives about the power of video marketing.


75 per cent of executives watch work-related videos. And what comes of that? Well, 65 per cent of these went on to visit the marketers’ website. But it’s not all in the statistics. How can you really measure that success? When your website figures jump for joy, perhaps?

Video doesn’t have to be a single-dimensional visual concept that is projected out there into the internet stratosphere for customers. Get your workforce to take part, stand up and become part of your brand. Create videos for them, too. Ask them, on camera why they love what they do and why they love creating what they do. Sometimes, taking a long, hard look at yourself as a business can really give your project the face it needs, and give your workforce the pride of place that they deserve.

One of the questions we often get asked is “How long does a video need to be?” Well, if we’re going to be frank, you’ve got 10 seconds. Well, not exactly. You’ve got 10 seconds to create the most engaging and strong connection with your audience, which will offer all the help it can in keeping over 40 per cent of viewers past the two minute mark.

Timing and pace is critical. Marketing video is not designed to hang around. The great thing about video is that it is dynamic. Want to change your video? Shorten it, lengthen it, and add new and exciting features to re-invigorate it? Simple.

If video could strengthen, bolster and galvanise support for your product, concept, or brand, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you. Using a combination of cutting-edge video tools, editing techniques and an unparalleled creative vision, no project can excite us more.

Jonathan Beal joins the Liz Lean PR team as Account Executive; a video specialist and photojournalist with experience in creative digital media and video production and a background in local news. If you have a specific videography or photography need, Jon can be contacted at jon@lizleanpr.co.uk.

Jon said: “video is a successful and contemporary way that a company, brand or product can take advantage of the new media landscape that is beginning to take shape. In comes Web 3.0 – a truly connective and immersive internet. The ‘net is finally fast enough and powerful enough to exist on multiple platforms – and with that video has become king. People’s expectations of the internet are changing.

“Colourful photography and exciting videos with captivating content are now a must-have for companies wishing to truly connect with their clients.”

Sam Fish joins us as Liz Lean’s very first Marketing Account Manager. She’s held marketing roles at Nestle, Tussauds, Ageas, Liverpool Victoria and Lloyds TSB, among others. Sam offers a strategic approach to marketing, helping clients with their key objectives and marketing plans. She also has a very hands-on approach to marketing so will also get stuck in on the day-to-day execution of marketing and campaign plans. Sam can be contacted on sam@lizleanpr.co.uk.

Alice Rook also joins us as an Account Executive with specialist skills in social media. Alice has previously been the editor of local magazines DV8, Listed and Do More. She has spent the last few years with LexisClick, a digital marketing agency. For specific social media queries, she can be contacted at alice@lizleanpr.co.uk.

Alice said: “Social media is an extension of traditional PR – it’s all about strengthening relationships and communicating effectively. Social media benefits SMEs and larger enterprises because it adds another string to the customer service bow. It’s important to be responsive and keep your social presence transparent and reactive.”