Youth insight service aids success of department store event

Youth insight service aids success of department store event

Liz Lean PR’s youth insight service, Digipigz, aided the success of Beales’ first Half Price Prom Dress event. Digipigz helped Beales to attract a new audience by introducing new marketing methods. These efforts built interest in the event and resulted in more than 100 people outside the store before doors opened.

Beales of Bournemouth opened its doors on the evening of Thursday April 25 for their first Half Price Prom Dress event, giving GCSE and A Level aged girls a chance to grab their dream dress at 50 per cent off the marked price. Over the course of the evening, an average of one dress was sold every three minutes.

The event was steered by a group of Digipigz’s Young Consultants who met with Beales marketing team to produce an event, designed specifically to attract young people. This plan informed everything from the social media strategy and style of marketing materials, to language used in posts and content posted.

The Young Consultants’ guidance led Beales to include a sweet cart, flower wall and branded cupcakes at the event to maximise social media coverage and create an event that sticks in the minds of young shoppers.

The store was transformed into a glitzy and glamourous hub for excited girls, determined to find their dream prom dress. Make-up masterclasses were held by MAC Cosmetics and an onsite alterations company pinned and tucked dresses where required.

Digipigz’s Young Consultants were a key part of the entire process with suppliers such as the videographer, who created the promotional videos before the event, and the photographers on the night being recommended from the Digipigz community.

A partnership with The Lost Paradise was also created, providing live music from DJ Tomsy and a mocktail bar.

Tony Brown, CEO of Beales said: “Seeing the process of engaging this age group, using new methods recommend by the Digipigz, has been fascinating. This is a new audience to us so we have been very grateful and pleased with the support from this service. The event was a great success and the shop floor was very busy. Hopefully this is just the beginning for Beales in attracting more young people through our doors.”

Digipigz is a service provided by Liz Lean PR, connecting businesses with the youth and bettering opportunities for talented young people. Visit for more information.

How an egg broke the internet and why we love it

How an egg broke the internet and why we love it


How do you like your eggs in the morning? Scrambled, poached, fried or with the world record number of likes on Instagram and a side of 10m followers?

On January 4th this year, @world_record_egg took to Instagram with a goal to become the most liked post, stealing the title from Forbes youngest billionaire, Kardashian sister, Kylie Jenner, with a record of 18 million likes. It was almost an overnight phenomenon as everyone scrambled together and began to share the post to try and knock her off the top spot.

A week later, Jenner had been beaten and the original egg post has now ranked up an impressive 52,198,988 likes.

Fast-forward a fortnight and another post reveals the egg is beginning to crack. Hinting that there’s possibly more to this egg than we all first knew, the suspense and anticipation begins to rise.

We’ve seen the egg crack a little more every so often until Friday when the egg takes the form of an American Football and TV streaming site Hulu takes ownership of the secret, telling followers:

51417453_242720103271165_392916269801668608_n“The wait is over. All will be revealed this Sunday following the Super Bowl. Watch it first, only on @hulu”

What it could be was anyone’s guess, but as of today, it’s fair to say we haven’t been let down.

London based ad-executive, Chris Godfrey, initially started the account to see if an image as simple as an egg, could drum up the same engagement as Kylie Jenner’s picture of her daughters thumb did.

After creating an egg-splosive social media campaign, Godfrey knew he had to make the most of the audience he’d gathered.

Featuring in an advert first aired on Sunday’s Super Bowl, world_record_egg became an advocate for mental health and the pressures that social media puts on us all.

In the video, the egg proclaims that the recent cracks are a result of the pressures of social media. It then goes on to encourage others to talk to each other and links to a new account and website, @the_talking_egg, giving useful information on mental health.

We think this is a l-egg-endary way to utilise the egg’s new found fame and is so relevant to the audience they’ve engaged. Having been shared by millions of young people, and become a hot topic in schools, the egg now carries an important message that everyone, especially young people, need to know.

Having grown up with social media, young people today don’t know any different and therefore it’s sometimes difficult to recognise how social media can impact our wellbeing and mental health. The youngest people on social media are probably still too young to even recognise and understand this.

The once playground trivia of friendship dilemmas, and social pressures are taken online and offer no break for our young people.

A group of girls who excluded you at playtime now follow you home on your iPhone and you see pictures of their after school play dates, heartbroken you’re not there too. The guy, who used to show off at sixth form about his new car and trips abroad, now fills his feed with ‘the good life’, making his mates feel inferior. The people, who don’t feel like they’ll ever be loved because they don’t look like the celebrities on the front of magazines, now see them from every angle on their daily Instagram posts.

Nobody (not even the egg) is invincible and there will always be something that hits a soft spot in all of us, sometimes it can just get a bit too much. @world _record_egg highlights that this is ok, and that it’s definitely ok to talk.

It’s taken such a simple concept and addressed a universal, highly important issue in an audience- friendly, engaging way on a global platform.

I, for one, know that my 15 year old brother shared the post and follows this egg. He was engaged in its rise to fame and as he’s at such a tricky and confusing age, I am thankful that this message has passed on through a channel, he might actually listen to and remember one day.

Chris Godfrey admits the success of the account is a fluke but told the New York Times: “It’s a fluke that caught the world’s attention,” he said. “It’s what you do with that attention that counts.”

As an ad exec it’s a possibility he knew the account would be worth a bit if he achieved his goal, but we think he’s kept this accomplishment sunny side up.

So really we should say; “How the internet broke an egg and why we love it”- but what a fantastic, 21st century, turn of events. Social media done good.



**Social Flash** – Screen time tracking, Google Maps gets an upgrade and David Schwimmer takes to Twitter

**Social Flash** – Screen time tracking, Google Maps gets an upgrade and David Schwimmer takes to Twitter

Tech companies and apps are rolling out ways for users to track their screen-time…

  • Instagram has started roll out its ‘Your Activity’ feature which gives Instagrammers the option to set daily time limits and temporarily mute push notifications
  • In the latest iOS update brings ‘Screen Time’ to Apple device users which gives real time reports on how much time they are spending on their iPhone and iPads, again allowing you to set limits. This update also allows parents to set limits on their children’s devices.
  • Google has also released ‘Digital Wellness’ in Android 9.0 which has the same purpose which Google announcing that “Great technology should improve life, not distract from it.”
  • This comes after copious evidence that the devices glued to our hands and the apps they home, aren’t all that great for you.


Google Maps allows users to message businesses within the app…

  • Google Maps is on a mission to make its app more personalised
  • After launching a feature allowing users to “Follow” businesses they are interested in, developers are taking the next step
  • A “Message” button will soon appear in the app meaning users can contact businesses to book a table or place an order
  • Google says “Sending messages to businesses gives you the opportunity to ask questions without having to make a phone call so that you can order a cake for your mom’s birthday while on the bus or find out if a shoe store has your size without having to wait on hold.”


Why vertical video is a no brain-er…

  • According to Wikipedia, the first mention of video on Facebook timelines was all the way back in 2013, so video content is far from new for us all
  • But it’s always important to keep tabs on the next trends and how best to engage the audience
  • The best video was once cinematic, landscape shots but with the increase of video content being watch on our smartphones, it’s clear vertical is the way to go
  • 96% of video is consumed on mobile
  • And now with the likes of IGTV encouraging both users and businesses to engage in watching longer content on mobile, it’s definitely something teams should be looking into ahead of 2019
  • We recommend Social Chain’s, Social Minds Episode 15 to hear more about this


And finally … “Officers, I swear it wasn’t me.”

  • Earlier this month David Schwimmer was mistaken for a criminal, wanted by Blackpool Police
  • After the UK police force posted an CCTV still of the man, fans of the show Friends took to Blackpool Police’s Facebook post with jokes inspired by the show
  • But the ultimate joke was played by Schwimmer himself who posted this epic video:



Westover celebrates as Dacia wins prestigious accolade and gears up for England Rugby

Westover celebrates as Dacia wins prestigious accolade and gears up for England Rugby

Westover Group, one of the south’s largest privately-owned motoring groups, is celebrating the success of the Dacia Duster. The SUV vehicle won Value Car of the Year at The Sun Motor Awards for its build quality, off-road capabilities and affordability.

Readers of The Sun voted for the Dacia Duster as well as by a panel of automotive journalists and praised the new affordable vehicle for its off-road features including high ground clearance allowing the Duster to perform on many terrains and hill descent control, as well as the vehicle build quality.

A fleet of Dacia Dusters has also been provided to players in the England Rugby League for them to drive during the Autumn Test series. National Rugby League players returning from Australia for the matches against New Zealand will be driving the Dusters as the team travels across the country this season.

Mark Whittam, Group Operations Director at Westover Group said: “We are proud to represent Dacia in our portfolio of vehicle manufacturers. The Duster is a fantastic car and it’s easy to see why it is loved by The Sun readers, automotive journalists and of course, our England Rugby stars.

“Dacia has done an excellent job at creating a four wheel drive vehicle that is functional and practical, features great technology, looks great and is on sale at an affordable price.”

The award winning all new Dacia Duster went on sale at Westover Dacia and across the UK earlier this year and starts at £9,995. Dacia was also awarded ‘Best Value Brand’ at this year’s Auto Trader New Car Awards. The car features new technology, which is new to the Dacia range, such as climate control, keyless entry, blind spot warning and automatic headlights.

The Dacia Duster range can be viewed at Westover Dacia in the Corfe Mullen dealership or the Salisbury dealership. Alternatively, visit



Liz Lean PR celebrates milestone anniversary with 20 acts of kindness

Liz Lean PR celebrates milestone anniversary with 20 acts of kindness

Liz Lean PR (LLPR) has marked its 20th year in business by challenging itself to complete 20 acts of kindness throughout 2018, an initiative which has seen staff support worthy causes.

As well as holding a celebration for staff, clients and friends last month at St Giles House in Wimborne, the Sandbanks-based public relations and marketing communications agency asked staff to nominate people, causes and charities that would benefit from a helping hand.

Liz Willingham, managing director at Liz Lean PR, says: “As well as a very big event to celebrate our anniversary and all those who have helped us throughout the years, we wanted to give back to the community that’s been so supportive of us. Earlier in the year we identified organisations, campaigns, events and individuals whose causes align with our company’s values.

“Through our 20 acts of kindness we have given financial support, as well as our time and resources, to raise awareness of important issues and help the community.”

LLPR’s beachside location has aided its decision to support waste pollution initiatives such as the Sandbanks beach and Poole BID litter picking events, as well as investing in reusable water bottles for more than 200 of the agency’s clients and friends, in conjunction with World Environment Day.

LLPR’s 14 staff has personally donated food  to the homeless, as well as old bedding and towels which were given to Waggy Tails Dog Rescue to keep the animals warm during the winter. They also grew sunflowers outside the office to encourage wildlife to flourish and donated old newspapers to the Margaret Green Animal Rescue to use as bedding for its rescued rabbits, ferrets and hedgehogs.

The agency also financially supported a series of charity events as well as using its skills and services to host a series of complimentary ‘ask the expert’ sessions for local businesses, among other things.

Liz adds: “We’re delighted to reach our 20th birthday as this is testament to our success. Since 1998, we have worked with clients in a variety of industry sectors, on both a national and regional scale, and have successfully supported more than 160 firms with public relations, public affairs, strategic planning, marketing, crisis management, social media, corporate social responsibility projects and event management projects.”