An introduction to Union in Speech – by Nawar Saadi

An introduction to Union in Speech – by Nawar Saadi

We would like to introduce you to Nawar Saadi. Nawar is a young consultant in our Digipigz community who has some fantastic ideas and is working on a really exciting project called Union in Speech. Read a little more about Nawar and the project here:

union in speech

I’m Nawar and I decided to start up union in speech (uis for short!). A poetry, spoken word and speech event that gives people a place to share their voice.

As a poet and somebody that has always been outspoken, I found it difficult to find events that offered me the opportunity to express myself. I knew that this was a gap in the market for Bournemouth and Poole, but I didn’t think I would be able to put myself out there and start something. So, I put it off.

In June I attended a Digipigz networking event, where I spoke to many people about my idea. I was surprised by the reaction, as many said they loved the idea and it would be a something fresh and different to see in our area.

I later re-evaluated myself and thought ‘Yes! I can do this’.

So, then I got straight to it. I created a logo and colour scheme to build an image around my idea and set up social media accounts to share the word out. After that my next priority was finding a venue and a suitable time and day to do uis’s first event.

Since then I’ve been emailing, calling and meeting up with people to get them involved with my event. I have a few people lined up to perform at union in speech and finally have a secured a venue. I’ve learnt that connecting with people, whether that be online or face to face is so important and really can help you grow.

In fact, when I messaged Marcus Wincott from Media Lounge telling him about my event, he then advised me to get in touch with Kelly Butler from BOMO. So, I did just that. I contacted Kelly, told her about union in speech and now my first event will be part of the BOMO season this year.

I know this isn’t going to be easy and everything won’t always go right. But all I can say is that I’m so passionate about people expressing themselves and their voices, and that is all the motive I need to push me to carry on. I want to achieve something great, that gives others a place that I didn’t have, to share their talents and stories.

So, the first event!


17th October 2019




The Station 226 Ashley Road

Poole BH14 9BY

Stay in touch:

Instagram: http:/

Twitter: http:/


By Nawar Saadi

Lauren’s Work Experience at Liz Lean PR

Lauren’s Work Experience at Liz Lean PR

As part of completing my degree at Bournemouth University I have had opportunity to partake in a four-week placement at Liz Lean PR. During my work experience placement, I gained a great deal of industry knowledge, experience of working in a professional office environment, and was delighted to be awarded Employee of the Month! As well as enjoying walks along Sandbanks beach with Bryher the office dog, I was given the opportunity to take charge of my own mini-project throughout the four-week period. 

This project focussed on growing the agency’s social media pages and entailed creating a social media plan followed by taking initial steps to put this plan into action. To begin this process, I completed a competitor analysis as well as a social media audit of the agency’s own social media pages. I then came up with a set of SMART goals that were suited to the agency’s objectives of brand growth. Along with this, I created a set of style and brand guidelines including suggestions for profile style, visuals, tone of voice, formatting, and content creation. I then used all of these elements to create a complete social media guide for the agency which will be used on an ongoing basis following the end of my work experience with Liz Lean PR.  

I also performed a variety of ad-hoc tasks daily such as blog posts, press releases, social media plans for clients, brochure proofreading, and transcribing interviews which gave me an awareness of what work is implemented day-to-day in the agency. 

The office was always a great environment to work in and the company is mindful of staff wellbeing by providing team activities that are the perfect time to wind down such as the office afternoon tea we indulged in. We also took advantage of the rare sunny weather by spending lunch breaks on the beach and one in my last week with fish and chips!  

During my time at Liz Lean PR I was given balance of independence as well as guidance when needed. The team support really assisted in me achieving the best work possible within my four weeks with the company. 

The team were extremely welcoming and helpful and made me feel like a valued employee despite the fact I was only there for four weeks. My time at Liz Lean PR went above and beyond my expectations and I believe it will be incredibly valuable experience to apply to my PR Masters in the next academic year.  


By Lauren



Hall & Woodhouse’s popular beer festival returns for seventh year

Hall & Woodhouse’s popular beer festival returns for seventh year

Hall & Woodhouse, the leading independent family-owned Dorset brewer, will be championing local brewers at its annual Dorset Beer Festival on Saturday, June 22 at the Brewery in Blandford.

Previously the festival has attracted more than 1,000 people on the day and is an opportunity to celebrate the local brewers based in the county, while raising money for charity. Showcasing over 50 different beers and ciders, the event supports local craft breweries and cider makers, as well as the brewer’s own Badger Beer. Brewhouse & Kitchen, Timothy Taylor’s and Thatchers are amongst some of the other brewers confirmed for this year’s festival.

New for 2019, there will be an outdoor kitchen area, comprising four outdoor ovens that will serve a variety of pizza and flatbreads. Salcombe Dairy Ice Cream will be returning to the festival for those with a sweet tooth. Colourful Coffee and Rio soft drinks, both in the Hall & Woodhouse portfolio, will be available on the day.

In addition to the extensive line-up of food and drink on offer, there will also be a jam-packed programme of live music for festival-goers to enjoy, including bands ‘Just Us’ and the ‘Brass Monkeys’.

Over the past six years, the festival has supported a number of charities including Macmillan Cancer Support, Blandford Opportunity Group, Alzheimer’s Society, Teddy20 and Together for Short Lives. In total, the one-day event has raised over £40,000 for the charities supported since it began in 2013. This year’s funds raised will be donated to the company’s charity of the year, the local Air Ambulance charities.

Toby Heasman, Head Brewer at Hall & Woodhouse, said: “Our annual Dorset Beer Festival is a great day out for all the family and is the perfect opportunity for the local community to come together. The day really does offer something for everyone, with activities for the kids and their parents too. The amount the festival has raised for charity has grown year-on-year so we are hoping for the same success in 2019.”

Above and beyond the festival, Hall & Woodhouse has raised more than £800,000 for charity over the past seven years through its different initiatives. As a company Hall & Woodhouse is committed to supporting the local community across the south of England and is always looking for new ways to give back to its guests.

Tickets for the Hall & Woodhouse Dorset Beer Festival are available to buy online for £10 per person at . This price includes entry, a beer glass, programme and six drink tokens. Tickets will be available to purchase on the gate subject to availability. The event runs from 11am-10pm, with last entry at 8pm.

New dinosaur themed adventure golf course officially opens

New dinosaur themed adventure golf course officially opens

Mighty Adventures celebrated the opening of its new crazy golf course, Viking Valley, in Hedge End, Southampton on Saturday, May 18.

After hosting a VIP launch in the morning, complete with a book reading by Nat Luurtsema, author of the Mighty Adventures children’s books, the course was opened to the public from 1pm where visitors received 50 per cent discount on tickets.

Viking Valley covers 2,700 square meters and offers 18 holes of adventure golf. Mighty Adventures offer an immersive experience for families into a mythical land of sea monsters and shipwrecks complete with three water features and moving, life-sized dinosaurs. This course has been adapted from the children’s story ‘The Mighty Claws Follow a Monster’.

The new course, based in Hedge End Golf Centre, has created seven new jobs in the area as part of a £1million investment into the attraction. The car park has also been extended and the café has been improved with updated facilities and a new menu.

Allan Saud, executive director of Mighty Adventures, commented: “After eight months of construction, we are pleased to see Viking Valley open and being enjoyed by families of all ages. Adventure golf really is a great day out for everyone and we are sure that our latest course caters for all crazy golf fans.

“Aside from providing fantastic adventures for kids to enjoy at our courses, the Mighty Adventures books encourage learning and development through play. Working with Nat Luurtsema on the latest book, which inspired Viking Valley, has been a wonderful experience and we are proud to have created a story where the same loveable characters take on a new adventure.”

Viking Valley is open from 9am to 9pm all year round and tickets start at £7.00 for a child and £9.50 for an adult.

Visit for further information about Mighty Adventures.


Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 – How we’ve adapted to healthier working practices, all year round.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 – How we’ve adapted to healthier working practices, all year round.

Mental Health Awareness Week is upon us and it’s wonderful to see so many people opening up about their struggles, encouraging others to look after their wellbeing and helping to make these discussions the norm.

This week is great for awareness, but mental health can affect anyone at any time of year and should be something we have on our radar all year round – for ourselves and for others.

We have been making a conscious effort at Liz Lean PR to adopt healthier working practices and have been encouraging each other to look after our wellbeing. Physical and mental health impact each other so we’ve been introducing simple things such as fruit bowls across the office and taking time to learn more about the science behind stress.

Earlier this year, our MD Liz Willingham spoke of protecting employees’ mental health in the winter, when seasonal affective disorder affects a staggering 24% the UK population*.

Liz explained: “Employers can take inexpensive small steps to help their teams navigate those days where they often to come to and from work in darkness during the winter months. They may be feeling lethargic, have lower concentration levels and may even experience weight gain as a result.  Increasing exposure to light is a key factor and simply moving the workspace around to accommodate natural light for employees is a good start.”

Now that the weather is drier and brighter, more of us are getting out and walking on our lunch breaks. Breathing in fresh air and feeling the sun on your skin really is a mood booster, we’ve seen from experience. Exposure to the natural environment does you the world of good and is so important for our wellbeing, happiness, energy levels, and creativity. For the past two months we have been trying to increase our step count, meaning if nothing else, we have got out walking! It’s a simple way to encourage everyone to get more active, no matter their fitness levels.

No matter the weather, and something so simple to adopt, is listening and encouraging open communication with each other. Whether that’s between senior and junior positions or simply from one human to another, feeling comfortable to discuss your challenges with someone you trust, is so important! Why not make a conscious effort to become that trusted person and find your trusted person?

Alice is our mental health champion here at Liz Lean PR and has introduced monthly Tea and Chat sessions, where we are encouraged to talk with each other; not about work or clients, but to find relief and respite in a good ol’ cuppa and a chinwag. We’ve also introduced ‘I’m grateful for Friday’ where we all share one thing we are grateful for that week. Thinking positively helps to keep the mood lifted and is a great way to enter the weekend. Alice is currently investigating mental health first aid training and seeing what other initiatives we can bring in to make mental health an ongoing priority.

Alice says that for her playtime with her kittens, singing in a soul choir, swimming, yoga and mindfulness colouring all really help ground her and help her set an intention for the day ahead.

Belinda, Senior Account Manager, explains how she de-stresses: “I find that writing a journal is a wonderful way to destress. By committing thoughts to paper (or to keyboard, whatever your preference), it really helps add order to your thoughts – and the simple act of writing down your concerns or worries can help reduce those sleepless nights.

In a similar manner, I found that taking up photography can really help with anxiety and stress. The act of taking a photograph is very mindful; it’s almost impossible to think about anything else when you’re in the process of framing a shot. It doesn’t matter what you photograph or what your skill level is – it’s a hobby which anyone with a camera phone can enjoy. Plus, if you aren’t good with words, you can start a ‘photo a day’ visual diary – an enjoyable activity and something to treasure in years to come, all rolled into one!”

Similarly to Belinda’s suggestion of photography, Claire reminded us not to just look but to really see: “It’s so easy to be absorbed in our thoughts that we don’t engage in the world around us or actually SEE what’s in front of our eyes (especially as we are so lucky to have the beautiful things that exist naturally right here in Dorset) and of course ‘breathe’ big deep breaths of wonderful sea air!!”

Carpe diem we say! Breathe in that air, notice the gentle sway of tree leaves in the breeze, sing loudly to your favourite song, ask someone how they are. Taking care of ourselves shouldn’t become a fad, it should become a habit and we are proud to be part of a community taking steps in the right direction.