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Olympic fever hits Dorset

Can the weather get any worse? Every day we look out across Poole Harbour and the rain is coming down thick and fast. Is this what we need to expect for the rest of the summer?
Our new intern arrived a week last Monday looking like a drowned rat, Carol is refusing to sail on a Thursday evening and the entrance to our office is stashed with umbrellas of every colour.…


House Column by Liz Willingham – July 2012

Despite the troubled weather, festival season is upon us. Get those wellies out, I think you might need them.
We’re on countdown to Camp Bestival which has now become a firm annual fixture in the Willingham calendar. This will be our fourth year, and whilst the numbers swell significantly year on year, making it more daunting for littles ones, it is still amazing that it all happens just a few miles down the road at Lulworth Castle.…